Xcom 285 week 7 checkpoint oral powerpoint presentation

Select two organizational departments in a business. Write a paragraph of at least words in which you identify the roles of information systems within those departments.

Xcom 285 week 7 checkpoint oral powerpoint presentation

Conduct an Internet search on one of the following technologies: Discuss how the new technology works, what method or product the new technology is designed to replace, why the new technology is preferable to the old method or product, how this new technology benefits a print media corporation, the public, or both, and any opposition to the new technology.

Research the topic and select 8—10 research articles from the University Library.

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Your list must summarize each article and explain why it is relevant to the topic. Explain what research methodology was used to collect the data in the article. Use the same topic you chose for the Print Media Worksheet: Locate a press release addressing a scandal or other setback related to your chosen topic.

This press release may address individuals involved in the field or movement or an issue that affects the field or movement itself.

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Next, discuss the role of the mass media in reporting this scandal and why it was newsworthy. Discuss the journalistic, political, and societal purpose of reporting it, and how the press release was written to mitigate the public response to the scandal. Also, discuss why a press release was preferable—for the client or the public—to the alternatives, such as tabloids, blogs, and rumors.

Xcom 285 week 7 checkpoint oral powerpoint presentation

Discuss how each source presents a different side of the issue and how media affects public opinion.

Does the medium in which the message is presented resolve or exacerbate the controversy? Your media pieces may be in any of the following formats: Discuss the nature of the controversy.

How does it affect or benefit our society? Why should we be concerned? Provide a possible solution to the problem if applicable.

You may use the following options to create your media pieces: Media and Government worksheet.

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Media and Government Read the following two short articles about air quality at the Beijing Olympics. Links to the articles may be found on the Electronic Reserve Reading for this week. Answer the questions in the chart with complete sentences.

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This MATLAB function closes a presentation and generates a PowerPoint presentation. [email protected] XCOM COMPLETE CLASS. XCOM Week 7 CheckPoint Oral Presentation. XCOM Week 7 Assignment Tuition Reimbursement Implementation Report.

Conflict Management Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation. . XCOM week 7 CheckPoint Oral Presentation/Course tutorial/uophelp trjin For more course tutorials visit torosgazete.com Week 7 CheckPoint: Oral Presentation Due Friday, March 18 in the Assignment section of eCampus Instructions: 1.

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