Pike by ted hughes analysis

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Pike by ted hughes analysis

The most comprehensive set of poetry analysis' the internet has ever seen basically because I made it!! The poem is based on his childhood.

As a child he often visited the lake presumably so that his father can go fishingof which there lived a huge pike in the deep part of the pond. It is the memory of such a place that acts as a foundation on which this poem was based upon.

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This poem is amazing in the sense that the implication of the poem is both physical and allegorical. The pond could represent the conscious mind of Hughes himself.

The deeper area could represent the subconscious, which is where the true monsters live, as Hughes often said. It is usually marked by practical knowledge and precise description of the creature described, such as their bodies and how they move, as well as their behaviour.

Hughes also tended to have a very big obsession with big and fierce creatures and often written poems including the The Juguar in the animal world and the Thistles of the plant world.

He always tended to depict these creatures in the most warlike and vicious state.

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Just to give you Pike by ted hughes analysis picture of how big the Pike looks like: Significant poetic devices and their significance eg: Other than the ones mentioned there is no or very little bits that we can analyse from the structure due to the fact that all his other poems follow the same format.

So why should this be any different? All that we can say is that he is very consistent in the way that he writes his poems, a sign of a very organised and well-collected poet.

The fact that he is using a baby pike as the first imagery of the poem represents the fact that they are already beautiful from birth and there is nothing more that they needed to do in their life to improve as they are already at the top.

He is also addressing the innocence of the Pike at birth, putting the fish in rather adorable light to the reader. Its cat-like bone structure is perfect for hunting in its particular environment.

Pike by ted hughes analysis

This could thus be a reference to how the pike is perfectly built for killing in water, similar to how the tiger is perfectly built for hunting on land.

He could also make a reference to its ferocity and dominance that we see in the tiger, implying that he sees it in the pike as well. Killer from the egg: The poet here is exemplifying the fact that the pike is already structured to become the perfect killer since birth.

It already is born with the instincts to survive and the techniques to hunt, portraying the Pike as the ultimate king of the sea in terms of dominance, commanding respect. Furthermore it creates makes the pike look like a sacred animal, as if hand-crafted by God to do amazing things.

They dance on the surface among the flies.

Pike by ted hughes analysis

Therefore the use of the word dance is a metaphor used to describe the hunt. However the poet is implying the fact that the hunting is so easy to them due to their ingrained thinking and specialised body structure that they make it seems as seamless as if they were doing a dance among the flies rather than hunting them.

This reinforces the point about the poet calling the Pike perfect as even the Pike is aware of that. Furthermore the use of the word grandeur once again relates the Pike to royalty or a higher-class noblemen, commanding even more respect.

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Over a bed of emerald, silhouette Take note that Emerald is considered very rare and valuable in human terms and the fact that the emerald is found on the seabed of the pond represents the fact that the Pike guards over it, as if the Pike was the king, the pond its kingdom or castle, and the bed of Emeralds, its wealth or treasury.

Of submarine delicacy and horror. The two juxtaposing words represent the pike itself. It is delicate and beautiful at times perhaps at birthyet horrifying and terrifying when hunting. This is favourable in both contexts, as you want to be horrifying and terrifying when you are hunting, yet favourable in the eyes of the poet when the creature is beautiful when young as it helps bring his point across, meaning that the pike gets to enjoy the best of both worlds.

This is something that not many people get to do, making the pike look privileged, as the poet likes to make the pike look.The Roadmap series of workshops has established itself as the Pacific Northwest's premier electric vehicle gathering and one of the leading electric vehicle conferences in the United States.

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Pike Homework Help Questions. Compare and contrast the poem "Horses" by Edwin Muir and "Pike" by Ted Hughes. In comparing and contrasting "Horses" by Edwin Muir and "Pike" by Ted Hughes, what.

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