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For example, you could split your respondents into groups according to their geo-location and see how people from different locations compare to one another. This would be particularly valuable information if the goal of your survey was to determine where you might open a new store, for instance. Here are some sample questions and how you can use them to assist in your demographic survey questions:

Ob questionaire

An extensive list of topics was identified and researched for the questionnaire.

Employee Job Satisfaction—Job Passion and Self-Evaluation

Participating states used this questionnaire Phase 1 from fall through Although the questionnaire maintained its original structure, selected questions were revised, some were Ob questionaire, and new questions were added. This revision was more extensive than the prior revisions.

Beginning with the Phase 3 questionnaire, CDC coordinated the development and testing of a number of standard questions with significant input from states and other researchers.

Ob questionaire

Standard questions cover core topics in more depth or cover other topics that are not on the core but are of interest across multiple states. The Standard questions allow for data collection using uniform indicators on optional topics. There are currently over standard questions developed by CDC that states can choose to include on their surveys.

State-developed questions are specific to the state that created them, and cover topics for which there are no core or standard questions. States implemented the fourth revision of the questionnaire with January births. The Phase 4 revision introduced a new format to the questionnaire changing it from a single column, to a two-column layout with shading to help differentiate the questions from each other.

In Aprilstates implemented the fifth phase of the questionnaire. The sixth phase was implemented inthe seventh version inand the eighth version in There have been no major changes to the questionnaire layout or revision process since Phase 4.OBSTETRICS QUESTIONNAIRE 1 Welcome to Loch Haven Ob/Gyn!

We are pleased that you have chosen us to help care for you during this exciting time. PRENATAL QUESTIONNAIRE PATIENT’S NAME:_____ DATE:_____ 1.

When was your last menstrual period?_____ Was it normal?

Yes No 2. How many total pregnancies have you had?_____ (including this one) 3. How many pregnancies ended in miscarriage, ectopic or therapeutic abortions?.

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Click on . genetic screening/teratology counseling includes patient, baby's father, or anyone in either family with: (please circle yes or no) patient age greater than 35 y n.

Investigative Report Questionnaires Instructions: Below, you’ll see two copies of the questionnaire. Complete all of the questions on each questionnaire for each of the organizations you investigate (in other words, fill out both questionnaires).

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