National high school essay contest scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to individuals who have demonstrated an interest and commitment to animal welfare. For more information [

National high school essay contest scholarships

Scholarships for High School Students and Santa Clara University, California Scholarships for High School Sophomores Scholarships for High School Students November Deadline Moose Youth Awareness Program -These scholarships for high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors are for giving talks in your community about safety and health issues to younger children.

NRA Civil Rights Scholarship - Write an essay about your American right to keep and bear arms, and submit in this scholarship competition. Open to students in grades Some submissions are due in December, some in January, and novels are due in February.

Open to students in grades 7 — Why not enter each year? If you are gifted or talented, you might win one of these scholarships for high school students. Peace Scholarship Submit an outstanding essay on peace and win this national scholarship essay contest. Design a Greeting Card Contest - Are you good at art?

These are fun scholarships for high school freshmen and sophomores if you can talk your teacher into making this an extra credit assignment. Ages 14 and up. Scholarships for High School Students February Application Deadline Common Knowledge Competition - This unique competition tests your knowledge on common various subjects from books and movies to academic topics.

Check them out - they offer different competitions throughout the year. The person with the most points wins. Courageous Persuaders Award - Use your video camera and make a short video commercial 30 seconds or less about the dangers of alcohol for teens. Give you career a boost by entering some online video contests.

National high school essay contest scholarships

Some have very nice cash prizes. Best Buy 15 Scholarship - This scholarship program is no longer offered. Or are you a super villain? Create a short essay using your imagination and superpowers to see if you will win. Kohls Scholarship - This scholarship is no longer offered by Kohl's corporation.

Employee scholarships are still available. May Scholarships Deadline Scholarship Contests - Check out some more easy online scholarship contests and sweepstakes.

Single contest also an option if you are going solo. But enter this competition and maybe you'll win. At least have some good laughs.A free list of college scholarships in a scholarship directory format.

Educational scholarships for students going to college. None of the online scholarship databases includes information about college scholarships that are available only to children under age 13 because of federal privacy laws.

The National High School Oratorical Contest is open to junior high and high school students who are under the age of 20 and citizens or lawful permanent residents of the United States.

You must prepare an oration on some aspect of the U.S. Constitution, with some emphasis on the duties and obligations of citizens to our government.

The Eugene McDermott Scholars Program at The University of Texas at Dallas is one of the nation's most generous and selective undergraduate merit awards. Valued at more than $, (out-of-state) or $, (in-state), the scholarship includes tuition, stipend, study abroad and .

The runner-up receives a $1, cash prize and a full scholarship to participate in the International Diplomacy Program of the National Student Leadership Conference. National High School Essay Contest Topic and Study Guide.

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peacebuilding tools are important additions to the national security toolkit. High school freshmen can apply for scholarships specifically for students in their freshman year of high school.

View our list of scholarships for high school freshmen & apply today!

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